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I’ll Call You Everyday

“Emails get reactions. Phone calls start conversations.”

-Simon Sinek-

Raising children in this digital world is a very intensive role. Whilst all the gadgets make everything seems closer, they also draw everyone apart. It not uncommon for us to see people highly occupied with their mobile phones, tabs, laptops, or other gadgets, and ignore human connections (although they’re sitting in a restaurant with their friends or their family).

Of course, we can’t just ignore the significance of gadgets and draw them away from our lives. As a mom, I want my children to embrace technology, but on the other hand, I want them to have bonds with their family (and me, for sure!).

As a way to build this so called bond, I like to spend some time with both my children (or each one of them) everyday. We call it ‘huggy-huggy time’. It’s the time when I cuddle with them and talk about anything they like (or don’t like), talk about their school, and any other mundane things in life.

During these pillow talks, sometimes they talk about what they want to buy for their parents when they grow up. I usually hear them saying something like: I’ll buy you a car when I grow up, I’ll buy you a big house (or sometimes a mansion), I’ll take you around the world (they knew I like to travel), or I’ll buy a Lamborghini (or a Ferrari) for you. Then, they typically continue the conversation with something that is bigger or better. Along the way, they try to outnumber each other, and they end up with buying their mother a hundred cars or houses (which is very cute in terms of intention, but rather hyperbolic when it comes to reality). For sure, I always give an amen to that and hope that all their wishes come true (come on, who doesn’t want a hundred cars or houses?).

Nonetheless, no matter how cute their promises are for their mother, I always think of their promise as a wishful thinking of a child. Surely, as their mother, I’d like to be given a Ferrari as my ride (when the time comes I’m already a granny, hahaha). I’m sure I’d make a very fashionable nanna in a Ferrari 😉 But please, seriously, it’s not an easy promise to keep.

This afternoon, I was just cuddling with my daughter, Anja, when she suddenly said, ” I’ll call you everyday.”

Just like that, and it struck me.

“Even when you’re older?” I asked in doubt.
“Even when you’re an adult and you already work?”
“Even when you’re busy?”
“Even when you already have a family?”
“Yes, yes, and yes,” she said firmly.
“Yes! I’ll call you everyday, and that’s a promise.”

That very moment, nothing else matters, except this simple promise from my little girl: an everyday call from her. As a mother, it’s the most important promise that she’s ever made. That is exactly the promise that makes my heart melt.

It makes me feel important.

Knowing that she’ll be busy with her life and she’ll make time to call me makes me feel significant. It makes me feel needed. As a parent, I’d like to feel that my children still need me regardless of their age (most parents do, I believe).

And, a brief phone call from my beloved children can simply do that.

That’s why I love my job as a mom. It can give me happiness from even the simplest thing!


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